„People on the Move- Feministische Perspektiven auf Flucht und Ankommen“: Veranstaltungsreihe von Refugee Law Clinic Göttingen e.V. (SoSe 2022)

The first event will be about the special situation of women on the move. What gender-specific reasons make them flee? What particular dangers are they exposed to on their journey? First, Pia Storf from the University of Münster will give us an understanding of the international legal basis for the recognition of gender-specific reasons for persecution and illuminate it from a feminist and postcolonial perspective. She will also go into examples from legal theory and practice. Afterwards, Dr. Suhailah Akbari will inform us about the current situation of women in Afghanistan. Both their gender-specific discrimination by the Taliban and the patriarchy in general in education, politics and society as well as their resistance to it will be discussed. As an Afghan scientist, Dr. Suhailah Akbari particularly addresses girls‘ right to education.

When: 05.05.2022, 16 – 17:30 (Thursday)
Organized form: via Zoom
Language of the event: English

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Pia Lotta Storf is a Ph.D. candidate and research associate at the Chair for International Public Law and International Human Rights Law (Prof. Dr. Nora Markard) at University of Münster. At University of Münster, she teaches fundamental rights law. Her research interests include migration law and anti-discrimination law with a focus on collective rights. Pia Lotta Storf studied law at the University of Passau with a focus on public international law and gender studies at LaTrobe University, Melbourne.

In her dissertation project, she examines constructions of collective identities in processes of refugee status determinations (RSD) using postcolonial and feminist approaches. Using the example of different group-based RSD models, she explores legal claims for collective rights to equality, access to territory and recognition. Her recent projects include research collaborations with the German Institute for Human Rights regarding i.a. refugee rights in Germany, and contributions to the OpenReWi casebook on asylum law. She has published on feminist legal theory and gendered approaches on the right to leave.

Dr. Suhailah Akbari, LL.M is an Afghan Legal Scholar in Exile and a former research fellow of the Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law. From 2015-2019, Dr. Suhailah Akbari worked alongside Professor Christoph Herrmann and his team at the Chair of Constitutional and Administrative, European Law, European and International Economic Law at the University of Passau to do her doctorate in law. After completing her doctorate on the thesis “The WTO Transit Regime for Landlocked Countries and its Impacts on Members’ Regional Transit Agreements” she returned to Afghanistan to consult the Afghan government on a trade agreement with Pakistan.

The Taliban takeover in August 2021, forced her and her family to leave Afghanistan. She now lives in Passau.